Dunsborough has got the lot, whatever your taste, plus some great picnic spots along the foreshore.

Some of our recommendations are as follows, though there are plenty more to choose from.

For fish and chips try Squid Lips and why not add in a deep fried Mars Bar!

For pizza, Dominos will deliver to the resort.

You'll also find a Thai takeaway. a Chinese and a Greek kebab house.

Taz's Bakery for pies and chips, etc.

The sushi at Peko Peko is a delight on a hot day and is also available in the evenings.

And last but not least...we love the curry van, Spice Odysee, which parks next to the boat ramp in old Dunsborough a couple of nights a week. Tasty curry and a great spot to eat it. Spread out a picnic rug, add a couple of cold beers, mix in some friends and you've got yourself the perfect evening. Ask at reception for which days its there.